Stellar Cyber and Torq unite for automation-driven security operations platform

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  • Stellar Cyber and Torq have partnered to deliver an automation-driven security operations platform.
  • The partnership combines Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR with Torq’s Hyperautomation to help security teams combat advanced attacks.

Stellar Cyber has announced a technology partnership with Torq to enhance security teams’ ability to defend against advanced attacks. The collaboration combines Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR with Torq’s Hyperautomation, offering security teams an integrated solution to streamline security operations. By using these technologies together, organizations can service more customers without adding resources to their SOC team.

Torq’s Hyperautomation platform provides security teams with a no-code, multi-tenant, cloud-native solution for automating security operations. When integrated with Stellar Cyber’s platform, security teams can automate tasks across various security workflows, from data ingestion to threat hunting and response actions.

This partnership aims to empower security teams to automate threat detection and response effectively in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats. The combined solution offers scalable threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities, high-fidelity cases for investigation, and automated threat hunting without complex coding requirements.

Overall, the partnership between Torq and Stellar Cyber represents a significant step forward in delivering hyperautomation solutions for security teams. Through this collaboration, organizations can better combat advanced cyber threats and streamline their security operations efficiently.

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