Tehran triples hacks with help from Hezbollah

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  • Iran and Hezbollah have tripled the pace of cyberattacks on Israel since October 7.
  • The intensity of cyberattacks has increased with attacks in every Israeli sector.

Israel National Cyber Directorate Chief Gaby Portnoy discussed the potential for an Iranian mega-cyberattack on Israel at the Cybertech Conference in Tel Aviv. He noted that the cyberattacks from Iran and Hezbollah have intensified, with attacks in various sectors that had not been previously targeted. The recent cyberattack on Safed’s Ziv Medical Center, led by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, aimed to disrupt the hospital’s operations and damage Israel’s resilience. Although the hackers managed to access and release sensitive patient information online, the hospital’s medical equipment remained secure. In addition, Iran and its proxies have been accused of hacking into the Justice Ministry and conducting disinformation and social media influence campaigns. The conference also highlighted the need for Western democratic countries to enhance identity protection measures to combat deep fake identity theft capabilities. Former Unit 8200 chief Nadav Zafrir warned of the increasing frequency of extreme cyber events, while CyberArk CIO Omer Grossman emphasized the importance of improving security measures to counter cyber threats.

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